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Coppicer’s Cabin

Our hand-built wooden cabin with a canvas roof and verandah kitchen is very private, with its own encampment and its own privy and woodland heated shower. It sleeps six, or two if you prefer!  There is a bonfire area and also a tripod cooking system, in addition to the two-burner gas hob. It has a cylindrical french wood-burner that is very easy to light which can also take larger wood so it can be kept going through the night. A sleeping platform above the double bed is reached by climbing an actual tree instead of a ladder. There are two single futons up here and guests sleeping on the deck must bring sleeping bags. It’s very much like sleeping in a tent on the upper deck because it’s right under the canvas roof – perfect for little ones who wanted a canvas tent while their parent wanted a proper bed and some walls!

We got the idea for Coppicer’s from our own coppicer, Fred. Fred constructs a covered site protected from sun/rain for creating fence posts from the sweet chestnut coppicing at Adhurst. He moves his encampment from season to season depending which part of the coppiced woodland is due for management. We’ve zazzed it all up a notch though – as Fred doesn’t get a shower or a privy … or a comfy bed!

All textiles inside are in keeping with our other yurts – gorgeous kelims, down duvets and big pillows.  Your wood burner will be fully stocked with more wood always available – and yes, pets are welcome.

Bookable dates commence on either a Friday (until Monday) or on a Monday (until Friday). We do mid-week 2 night breaks which commence or end on a Wednesday.  Click the red booking tab to find out further details.

Check-in time is 4pm and check-out is 10:30am.

On Arrival – At Adhurst we like to greet our guests with a brief familiarisation of the environment.  If you will not be arriving between 4-6pm we might not be able to do this, but will try! If you are coming by car drive up to your yurt to unload. After unloading, cars should remain in the car park; this is to keep the woods a car free zone.

On Bedding – Your cabin essentially has two double beds; the one at ground level is a fully made up iron bedstead with cotton linen, down duvet, pillows and kelim cushions; the other “double” is really two single futons resting on the deck above.  These can be pushed together to form a second double bed.  You need to bring your own bedding for the upper deck.  Also, under the bedstead are two full-length camp beds for children – please bring sleeping bags for these additional beds.  Please bring towels.

On Dogs – Adhurst is dog-friendly but out of respect for other guests we take each request to bring your pet on a case by case basis.  So far no one has been refused.

On Wood – Each yurt is provided with chopped wood for the wood-burner.  The amount we place inside the yurt is weather-dependent and we aim to provide sufficient fuel for your wood burner.  If however, far whatever reason, you would like more … it is available at £10 per trug.

On Tents – We don’t allow guests to bring tents.  If you have arranged a whole-site booking we are more likely to be flexible about this.  We do not allow non-paying guests on site – this is what makes it special for everyone else, yourselves included.

On Events – We are able to cater for larger groups – We can provide a yurt with seating for up to 60 for woodland weddings and other events. Please contact us for further details.


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