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Facilities (upon arrival)

Guests park at the tennis court car park by the entrance to the farm.  Here you will find two loos, one of which is also a wet room shower.  If you need to get to work on a Monday morning this can be a good option before hitting the road home.

Once on the campsite we’re in proper camping mode – Please remember towels!

Woodland Shower

Adhurst Yurts The Slipper Bath in Willow

There is a gas hot water shower in the woods. There’s no roof so you shower, shave or rinse off your feet all under the canopy of leafy trees.  Coppicer’s has its own woodland shower…and its own long-drop privy.

The Slipper Bath in Willow

Adhurst Yurts The Slipper Bath in Willow

If you are staying in Willow there is the bath yurt en suite to your yurt.  Willow is perfect for honeymooners and couples with tiny children or babies.  The bath has hot running water!  It’s not wood-fired so anyone can operate this bath with no bother at all.

Long-drop Privy

Adhurst Yurts Long Drop Privy

The basics:

We have three privies on site, one of which is private to Coppicer’s.  There IS a loo seat! There is loo roll on a rustic loo holder. There is a door and a lock. And open windows. And a roof. There is also saw-dust with a scoop – to complete the composting. There is no running water or flush. The privy is known as a dry privy or compost toilet. There are no chemicals used. It’s a good idea to bring antiseptic hand wash as soap is useless with no water!

The masterclass:

Guests are encouraged to wee in the great outdoors as wet waste in a dry compost privy can slow the composting process. To speed the composting process tip the cold ashes from your woodburner or bbq down the privy.

Wet Room

Adhurst Yurts Wet Room

The wet room is located by the farm entrance behind the car park.  There’s a code on the door to enter.  In fact, there are two flushing toilets here.  The wet room pictured also has a wall-mounted hair dryer.

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