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Adhurst Circular Pub Walk - 1.5 hrs

The Adhurst Circular Pub Walk takes in the village of Sheet and The Queens Head as well as The Harrow in Steep – passing a few alpacas too. The Harrow was Unspoilt Pub of the Year 2008. The food is mainly local produce.  If you just want to do part of the walk it’s only 25 minutes on foot to The Queens Head across the river and passing the horses and climbing over a gate.  We do recommend adding the longer route to The Harrow if it’s lunchtime (children in garden part only as the pub itself is microscopically small).  There’s even a third pub, The Half Moon, on the main road.  The Circular Walk is all footpaths and country lanes.

Hampshire Walks With Pubs & Food.

Adhurst Pubs Walk (circular)
Hampshire Walks With Pubs & Food

Durleighmarsh Pick-Your-Own Walk - 4k and 1hr

This is another walk straight from Adhurst on private footpaths, crossing only one road, and then onto public footpath through glorious bluebells (May) and ending at the pick-your-own farm and tea room (hot meals too).  Dogs will need to be tied up for the strawberry picking! There’s also a farm shop for local meats and a visiting fishmonger on Wednesdays 11-2pm.  Durleighmarsh is also a good spot to pick up the longer Serpent’s Trail Walk…

Durleighmarsh Walk
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Hanger's Way - 21 miles in 8 sections

From the Harrow Inn you can pick up Hangers’ Way which passes through Selborne, Steep and Petersfield and beyond if you’re up for more. Pubs include The Pub With No Name and the Hawkley Inn. A good section to try is xxx and you can park at xxx…

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Poet's Stone Circular Walk 4 miles

Edward Thomas, the WWI poet, lived for a time in Steep.  The walk to his stone is also steep.  Of course, being circular, this walk can be reversed so it’s all downhill.  But it will still be steep!  The Cricketer’s is a good place to park first and also for lunch.  Dogs welcome.  You can walk to the church in Steep from your yurt to add a further forty minutes…  If you’re adding that to the route you could have lunch at The Harrow.

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The Serpent Trail - 64 miles in 11 sections

Simply follow the Serpent Trail way-marker discs to explore some of the most breathtaking countryside in the South East. Two stages are within easy reach from Adhurst but the South Downs National Park keep tweaking this trail and the stage numbers keep changing – it’s a work in progress clearly!  Best to go straight to their website to find the route you require.  The parts with heather in late September are stunning.

Adhurst Yurts Luxury Glamping Site South Downs Hampshire Holidays

South Downs Way - 100 miles

The backbone of the South Downs, and a National Trail.  Access from Harting Down, highest point at Butser Hill.  This famous route is easy but long and will get you to Brighton and beyond.

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