Phone 07789954476 for assistance navigating the booking system.


All nightly rates are based on a three night stay at weekends and a two night stay midweek.  We don’t accept single night bookings.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are our change-over days.

Check-in time is 4 pm and check-out is 10:00 am. If you have any queries please contact us.

For more information see our FAQs.


All-weather safari kitchens have a canvas canopy spread through the trees and are ideal in inclement weather as you can move your fire bowl underneath cover.  So, whether you’re cooking on gas or cooking over embers – you’re covered!  There is running cold water for drinking and each has a 2-burner gas hob. There is crockery, cutlery and loads of cooking implements for both cooking on embers or the hob.  And the verandah kitchen at the cabin also has hot running water.

Do bring a cool box if coming by car.  If you are coming by train we have one to rent and will pre-load it with frozen ice packs.  There is an electric chest freezer at the car park – when your cool packs defrost just refreeze yours here and borrow our frozen ones.  Please remember to swap them back before you leave!  Cool packs are available to all guests, not just those arriving by train.

Also on site are various bbq options such as the Weber bbq and a tripod with hanging pot. We also use Kadai Indian fire bowls on which you can cook or just use for warmth.

Another source of boiling water is by Storm Kettle for boiling water (see video below for tutorial). A good cheat is to use tongs to grab some embers from your bonfire to kick-start the process. There is also a standard stove-top kettle to place on the gas hob – but that generally takes longer!

Wood for the fire bowls is £15.  We don’t provide charcoal, so please bring your own. Bring firelighters and plastic lighter. If you would like more chopped wood for your (inside) wood-burner it’s £20 a trug.

What is Provided

plates, bowls, cups, tumblers, cutlery

bread knife, kitchen knife, steak knives and corkscrew

cast-iron cookware, metal tongs, soup ladle, wooden spoon & spatula

washing up liquid, sponge (bring a dish cloth!)

gas hob & kettle, bbq, storm kettle

firebowl, grill and tripod system & firewood

running water (no need to bring bottled!)

chopped wood indoor burner £20

Bathing and Loos

There are three gas hot water showers in the woods. There’s no roof so you shower, shave or rinse off your feet all under the canopy of leafy trees. Coppicer’s has its own woodland shower…and so does Chestnut. The third shower is shared. They all have bench seats and mirrors.

If you are staying in Willow or Rother there is the bath yurt en suite to your yurt. These yurts are perfect for honeymooners and also couples with tiny children or babies. The baths have hot running water! It’s not wood-fired so anyone can operate this bath with no bother at all.

The conventionally-plumbed wet room shower is located by the farm entrance behind the car park. And a flushing toilet. Even a wall-mounted hair dryer!

We have five privies on site and you can request that some of them become private. The privy at the cabin is always private. There IS a loo seat! There is loo roll on a branch. There is a door and a lock. And a motion sensor solar light for after nightfall. And open windows. And a roof. There is also saw-dust with a scoop – to complete the composting. There is no running water or flush. The privy is known as a dry privy or earth closet. There are no chemicals used. It’s a good idea to bring antiseptic hand wash, as soap is useless with no water!

Guests are encouraged to wee in the great outdoors as wet waste in a dry compost privy can slow the composting process. To speed the composting process tip the cold ashes from your wood burner or bbq down the privy.

Bathing and Loos

Five compost privies on site (three not shared)

Three outdoor showers (two not shared)

Two bathtub yurts (not shared)

One shower room at farm entrance + flushing toilet

One wall-mounted hairdryer at farm entrance

What to Bring

We try to provide most everything you will need – and at the same time we don’t want to clutter you up.  So we do not provide garlic presses, salad spinners, long-stemmed wine glasses, salt/pepper or plastic anything.  We also don’t provide any baby equipment, tennis rackets or balls or sleeping bags.  We don’t provide charcoal because we encourage you to cook on wood embers.  You may wish to bring candles to supplement the solar fairy lights that are inside each space.

What to Bring

head torch, candles

cool box, refreezable cool packs

bedding for single beds

dish towels and table cloth


bath towel (or rent ours)

eye mask to block light


Adhurst is dog-friendly, within reason.  We regulate how many dogs are on site at any given point.  First come first served.  We will accept more than one dog in a space if they’re sausages or lap dogs.  We’ve even accepted cats and were amazed that they behaved like dogs and went on walks with their owners.

We will only accept large breeds at Coppicer’s Cabin because the cabin is set apart from the yurts.  On school holidays we tend to not allow dogs on the south site (Redwood, Chestnut and Birch) and always prefer them to be on the north site at Willow or Rother or Badger’s.  The best advice is to ring us to discuss your particular pet; they’re all unique and we wouldn’t want to generalise!


Be aware of your fellow guests and don't bark at them.

Don't leave your full food bowl on the ground. Only leave water.

Keep your human on a lead around our sheep.

Remember ground nesting birds and don't chase deer.

No muddy paws on our white linen. Bring your own bed!

Have fun enjoying all the space and hanging out with your folks.

£30 small breeds & £50 for large breeds by prior arrangement

Car Parking & EV Charger

We don’t allow cars to park by the yurts or cabin, apart from drop off and collection.  As soon as you’ve unloaded please repark your car at the car park (if you’re on South Site) or inside the upper yurts gate (North Site & Cabin) but don’t leave your car parked where you are glamping.  Additional journeys should be by foot only!

We have one domestic overnight Electric Vehicle charger.  Please tell us in advance if you would like to use the EV charger at Adhurst.  Cars are not allowed up at the yurts or cabin, apart from drop-off and departure.  Most cars remain in the car park at the farm entrance beside the tennis court.  The cabin and Willow Yurt and Badger’s Yurt can park closer to those spaces, up at the final woods entrance and tucked inside that final gate.  Only one car is allowed per yurt or cabin.  Additional cars must be booked in and there is a charge for parking additional cars.  Also, we request the number plate of all residential guests to ensure security.

Car Parking & EV Charger

we don't allow cars to remain by yurts/cabin

one car included in each booking

we discourage second cars - they're £25

please consider the train instead of a 2nd car

cars only allowed in woods for drop-off or collection days

please repark your car at the car park as soon as you've unloaded