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Romantic Stays, Weekend Breaks & Romantic Getaways in Yurts

Romantic breaks are all about being with the one you love in a beautiful environment that does justice to the love being celebrated. You want to spend your time with each other and not be distracted by anything unpleasant or annoying.  The point of a romantic weekend is that it should be as magical as the love you feel.  No one wants the passion killers like airports, queues, too many other people, harsh lighting, too much noise – all the things we want to avoid when booking some quality time together.

Nature is always a great place to start – long country walks, birdsong, deserted beaches, quiet country lanes.  Often it’s a romantic hotel that first springs to mind.  But if you really want to create something special have you considered how amazing a yurt can be?  Imagine being inside a drum with the rain patters, cosied up together, keeping the wood burner topped up and being envelped in the wood and canvas circular space.  And if it’s not raining, there’s the skylight above the bed to see the stars at night or the dawn light.  And there’s no electricity.  You know the feeling when there’s a power cut and suddenly life is exciting again.  The candles are lit and you figure out how to heat soup on the wood burner and no one needs to hear the dinging of microwaves or look pale and washed out under electric light.  Instead, everyone is beautiful and bathed in candle light.  Of course it’s annoying not having electricity.  And you moan about it bit sometimes and wonder how long it will be before the power is restored.  Gradually you feel at one with the world around you and were at peace.  And I bet you also know that soul-crushing feeling when suddenly, arrogantly the power roars back on and the lights glare and the noise screams out.  Imagine if the power never comes on.  You can hear the wind rustling through the trees, the birdsong at dawn.  You are at one with nature, together.  That is the beauty of a stay at Adhurst Yurts.

Our six yurts are all unique and none of them encroach on the space of the others.  Each yurt has its own fire bowl and safari kitchen with everything you need to self-cater.  Inside you have a traditional iron bedstead with a deep comfy mattress and all cotton and wool bedding with plenty of cushions and spare woolen blankets.  There are even solar-powered fairy lights that twinkle on after dark.  Tea lights in lanterns can be lit all around the hot bath which is inside Rother Yurt and Willow Yurt.  And even from the hot bubble bath you can watch the starts in the evening.

We provide luxury glamping romantic getaways and weekend stays for couples in beautiful woodland Yurts.

Hotels can be wonderful but yurts, especially the yurts at Adhurst, are wildly romantic.  If you want to go further we also recommend a walk to the Harrow Inn for a bit of travel back in time.  And the walk there, from your yurt, through woodland and narrow one person at a time ancient rides … well, come discover it for yourself.

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