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Safari Kitchens

We now have one safari kitchen by each yurt, though the one at Birch is more of a waney-edged beach hut – great for serving cocktails with umbrellas! Safari kitchens have a canvas canopy spread through the trees and are ideal to dine under in any weather.  There is running cold water for drinking and each have a 2-burner gas hob.  Do bring a cool box though.  There is crockery, cutlery and loads of cooking implements for both cooking on embers or the hob.

Also on site are various bbq options such as the Weber bbq, a BonFire tripod with hanging pot, and also the simple cooking-stair (essentially an iron step you place over the bonfire to heat food). We also use Kadai Indian fire bowls on which you can cook or just use for warmth.

Another source of boiling water is by Storm Kettle for boiling water(see video for directions). A good cheat is to use tongs to grab some embers from your bonfire to kick-start the process. There is also a standard stove-top kettle to place on the gas hob – but that generally takes longer!

We provide wood for the fire bowls. And kindling is all around – please use what you gather. We don’t provide charcoal, so please bring your own.  Bring firelighters and disposable plastic lighters.  If you would like more chopped wood for your (inside) wood-burner it’s £10 a trug.


  • crockery – plates, side plates and cereal/soup bowls
  • forks, soup spoons and tea spoons, steak knives
  • washing up liquid and brush/sponge
  • glass tumblers
  • crockery mugs
  • wooden spoons
  • tongs and iron skewers for kebabs
  • plastic cutting board
  • sharp knife for vegetables + bread knife
  • kettle for camp stove/wood burner (each yurt)
  • cast iron frying pans
  • sauce pans
  • corkscrew and tin opener
  • storm kettles for each yurt
  • fire bowl with grill.  Campfire wood provided.
  • dutch ovens which sit in embers to boil up a stew
  • tripod roasting systems with hanging pot
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