Things to Do

There is so much to see and do in the area but these are some of our favourites.

Bushcraft & Fly Fishing

Why not learn some bushcraft skills during your stay


Bushcraft is taught by our carefully chosen and qualified professionals. Sessions can be customised to suit all ages so this is suitable for groups and families as well as couples. You pay your instructor direct and we only take a one-off arrangement fee. Customised to suit all ages and interests.

You can book your reservation for bushcraft when booking your yurt or cabin online.  But payment for this is direct through The Outside Institute.

This walk in the woods is designed to open your eyes to the trees and plants around you. It introduces the trees, their historic and current relevance to us and some of the edible, poisonous and medicinal plants in the woods. There is a maximum of 10 adults per instructor. £80 for one hour.

How to choose, use and care for a Bushcraft Knife and how to whittle your own tools. For children, the course is 90 mins and £90 with a maximum of four children per instructor. For adults, it’s one hour and £80 to a maximum of eight per instructor.

How to find the spoon in the stick and how to release it. Four adults to one instructor. 90 mins to 2 hours from £90 to £120

The various methods of lighting and fire, maintaining it and cooking over it. 6 children or 8 adults. 90 mins to 2 hours from £90 to £120

Bread in its various forms from damper, Bannock and risen loaves. 8 adults and two to three hours from £120 to £180

A demonstration and introduction to the various means of cooking with a pot over a fire and then sitting comfortably by it. 6 children or 8 adults from 2-3 hours from £120 to £160

Various ways of cooking a fish over a fire and making the hazel frame to cook it with. You will be sourcing the hazel from Adhurst Wood and fish can be bought from the visiting fishmonger at the farm up the road on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 8 adults, 2-3 hours from £120 to £180

How to slow things down from a slow stew to a roasted joint. 8 adults from 2-3 hours from£120 to £180


This is pre-bookable professional fly-fishing.

Adhurst Wild Flyfishing Syndicate fish 3/4 mile of the River Rother running through Adhurst Estate.

The ethos of the Syndicate is to provide wild, native trout fishing, on a strict catch-and-release basis, to a small group of anglers who value truly wild fishing in an unspoilt rural environment. The emphasis is on conservation and enhancement of this valued wild trout fishing habitat, adding value to the river and its environs through considered stewardship.

The river is divided into two beats from 1st April until 30th September. AWFS consists of 4 annual members only, in addition to the Committee – with time reserved for yurt guests on an informal but pre-booked day-rate basis.

Fishing at Adhurst is best suited for experienced anglers. But we do offer the services of a ghillie who can take yurt guests a few miles away to trout lakes where beginners can learn the gentle art. The benefit of this is you can cook what you catch whereas at Adhurst you have to put all the fish back unharmed. This is because we are home to a rare habitat and have a conservation program for some rare strains of our native trout.

Fishing is catch-and-release, by fly only, fished upstream, with dry flies and nymphs permitted, maximum size 10 standard barbless hook. Lures are not permitted.