Adhurst Estate
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What to bring

Please bring sleeping bags for the spare single beds.  Kitchen roll, drying up cloths, table cloth, clothes pegs, fire lighters and a torch. Also, a towel!

No need to bring a car!  Come by train to Petersfield Station. The taxi fare to your yurt is around £8 and takes under ten minutes. Just ask for the FARM entrance to Adhurst, then carry on up the farm track where we will meet you at the yurts.

To pre-book a taxi call  01730 303030 and leave your contact number
Christopher at CGN Taxi on 07548764005 is also good.

Tesco Express is next to Petersfield Station and Waitrose is a five minute walk, as is M&S.

Guests arriving by train often stop off to do their shopping and meet their taxi at the Waitrose car park.

Stew for Two upon arrival is served with bread and butter – £30. Please order two days before your arrival.

Our Breakfast Hamper is hot coffee and orange juice with two toasted bagels, salmon and cream cheese (and a squeeze of lemon). The Breakfast Hamper serves two. Please let us know two days before your arrival. The breakfast hamper is £30.


If you need extra wood for your wood burner beyond what we initially provide it is £10 a basket. Just text us and it will be delivered.  We always aim to provide what we feel is sufficient for the weather.

chopped wood for your wood burner


  • torches with full-batteries
  • charcoal
  • fire lighters, disposable lighter (we provide matches)
  • sleeping bags for additional camp beds
  • towel for shower – (or bath, if you’re in Willow)
  • tea towels
  • tennis rackets and tennis balls
  • food! consider sugar cubes instead of sugar, a few small size long-life milk cartons – or even powdered milk
  • cool box with ice packs– if arriving by train we can loan a cool box with ice packs
  • bedding for pets
  • nice extras: picnic blanket, eye mask for sleeping past dawn, pen knife, powdered hot chocolate
  • fly-fishing equipment for those who have booked this in advance
Adhurst Estate
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