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Our breaks are two or four nights midweek or three night weekends

Stays from a Monday or a Wednesday for two nights or four nights.  Stays from a Friday for three nights.  Sunday is always included in weekend rates.  Two nights midweek from £395 and three night weekends from £595.  Arrivals from 4pm and departures from 10:30am.

n.b. When using our Book Now calendar only choose arrival days of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; Phone 07789954476 for assistance.  We’re always here.

Badger’s Yurt

The One in the Circle of Scots Pines

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Birch Yurt

The One closest to the zip wire

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Chestnut Yurt

The One With the Spiral Shower

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Rother Yurt with Bath

The One named after our river

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Willow Yurt with Bath

With Bath Yurt & Hot Water

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Redwood Yurt

The one with the giant redwood

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Coppicer’s Cabin

The One that's entirely private

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