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Adhurst Yurts Luxury Glamping Site South Downs Hampshire Holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

Why no electricity?

It’s not because we want to make life difficult; it’s because we all know how wonderful a power cut can be once you’ve lit the candles and boiled tea on the wood burner; we just love the atmospherics of it all. Our turbo-charged electric world smothers all that atmosphere. Adhurst is a place you can get back to your circadian rhythm, enjoy the taste of food cooked on embers and flavoured with wood smoke – Watching the campfire is nature’s tv.  It’s also better for your soul and better for your children and better for your pets.

Why can’t we stay for just 1 night?

Because a stay here is about relaxing into the pace of nature and slowing down.  We’re not a bed for the night, we’re an experience that takes time.  We also wish to minimise traffic to the woods so don’t allow arrivals on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  You can stay for two nights mid-week from a Monday or a Wednesday.  At weekends your rate is for three nights and if you have to be at work early Monday morning you can depart late Sunday evening.  Or Monday morning!

What happens on arrival?

At Adhurst we like to greet our guests with a brief familiarisation of the environment. If you will not be arriving between 4-6pm we might not be able to do this, but will try! If you are coming by car drive up to your yurt to unload. After unloading, cars should remain in the car park; this is to keep the woods a car-free zone.

Do I need to bring bedding?

Each yurt has one double bed, fully made up. Under the bed are two full-length camp beds – please bring sleeping bags for these additional beds. Basically it’s sleeping bags for anyone not in the double bed.  If you are a spare adult in a camp bed then you will be paying a supplement which includes a futon to put on top of the camp bed.  Children (who don’t pay a supplement) just get the camp bed without the futon!  Unless they’re on the upper deck of the cabin!


Adhurst is dog-friendly but only one dog per space unless you chat with us first! We generally only allow a total of three dogs on the entire site at any given point.  That’s one dog at the cabin, one dog on north site and one dog on south site. Dog guests are £30 if they’re medium or small.  Large breeds are only allowed in the cabin and they’re £50.

Can I buy firewood on site?

Each yurt is provided with chopped wood for the wood-burner and this is an honesty trug – i.e. if you use it it’s £20. The campfire wood for the firebowl is included in your rate.  If  you would like more … it is available at £20 per trug of chopped and £15 per drop of camp fire wood.  Please text by 11am for same day delivery.  If you are bringing charcoal for the fire bowl please ensure it is sustainable lump wood charcoal and not briquettes.  We do sell kindling with firelighters and box of Adhurst matches for £7.

Can I bring my own tent?

We don’t allow guests to bring tents. If you have booked the entire site then chat with us about it.  We do have some bell tents.


Anything’s possible.  Just ask.

Can I come by train?

No need to bring a car!  Come by train to Petersfield Station. The taxi fare to your yurt is around £10 and takes under ten minutes. Just ask for the FARM entrance to Adhurst, then carry on up the farm track where we will meet you at the yurts.

To pre-book a taxi call  01730 303030 and leave your contact number
Christopher at CGN Taxi on 07548764005 is also good.

You can rent a cool box and frozen ice packs just say; guests arriving by train can have this waiting for them when they arrive.  You can collect your food in town after arriving at Petersfield.  Cool box rental is £10

Also, you can rent a towel if arriving by train – as towels take up so much space!  £4


If you would like to ride try Inadown Riding School  It’s relatively nearby.

The resident horses here are in various fields and are under grazing licences to their owners.

There’s always Cowdray for polo!  Or Weald and Downland for their Heavy Horses.


As a destination we’re probably best for walkers.  Pedal & Pace do guided running and mountain bike rides.  There are a few places to rent bicycles and electric ones too.

Can I have something delivered before I arrive?

Our mailing address is not the same as the yurt site!  It’s Alison and Guy Lubbock, Garden Cottage, Adhurst Farm, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 5AD.

Please DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES send us your baby goat for the bbq or your Ocado delivery of perishables.  We can not receive them and we’re still traumatised by the unexpected baby goat. Ensure you are present on site to take delivery of foods.  If you are trying to send us sleeping bags because you can’t carry them on your flight from Singapore simply have them delivered to the above address “care of”.

Grazing licences? Workshops for let? Cottages?

Yes, they periodically become available at both Adhurst Farm and Westmark Farm.  Best to get in touch through the website and ask for up to date info.

Location filming/photo shoots?

Yes, we have appeared in editorial photo shoots and films and music videos and commercials.  Adhurst Woods appeared in Brides, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s magazines amongst others.  Adhurst St Mary has appeared in television dramas and pop videos.

Where exactly are Adhurst Estate Allotments?

They are not at Adhurst Farm; they are near The Harrow pub.  You can find them at their website

Who can use the tennis court?

Only estate tenants and yurt/cabin guests can use the court.  It’s always open.  Bring rackets and balls because we don’t have them available here.

What's that big house on the google map?

Adhurst St Mary is the house built by our family in 1858 and lived in continuously by the family until 1993 when we sold it.  It sits like an island within the estate but is owned separately and is reached by a private driveway.  Bonham-Carter/Lubbock archives are kept both at Hampshire County Archives and others also held privately at Adhurst Farm.  Helen Bonham-Carter was born and died in the house – and was our grandmother. HelenA Bonham-Carter is a cousin and has never lived in this house.  The estate is approx 500 acres and the Grade II house is 30 acres within this.  There are now seven families living in Adhurst St Mary house.  In WWI it was a military convalescence hospital and in WWII it was Portsmouth Girls School.